Manage your public CIO and IT programs while protecting your agency from fraud and cyberthreats.

Provide citizens with the frictionless experience they demand without putting your agency at risk.

Public CIO & IT Programs


Optimize data quality and security without compromising the citizen's online experience.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions provides government agencies with a precise risk perspective that enables them to better identify and isolate fraud without impacting trusted customers.

Our solutions leverage the power of more than 83 billion data records augmented by digital identity coverage of the LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network® combined with machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology automation.


Identify and analyze the many faces of business riskIdentify and analyze the many faces of business risk

Business Risk Assessment

Get a 360 degree view with dynamic intelligence – including global insights on entities, people and their hidden connections.

Data Quality Management

Cleanse, enrich and connect your data to help your agency break down silos and set the stage for success.
Fraud Detection & PreventionFraud Detection & Prevention

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Bolster and simplify fraud investigations using data analytics and intelligence on people, entities and their networks to surface fraud vectors and intricate fraud schemes.
Identity Assessment & AssuranceIdentity Assessment & Assurance

Identity Assessment & Assurance

Combine multi-dimensional physical and digital identity intelligence, contributory insights and dynamic, risk-based authentication to ultimately build identity trust.

Achieve These Results

Global Digital Network

ThreatMetrix® for Government enables you to identify and authenticate omni-devices and spot suspicious behavior in near real-time by leveraging a network that analyzes more than 150 million daily transactions from more than 185,000 websites.

Smart Rules

Behavioral analytics help government understand genuine user behavior, in all its rich diversity, to detect potential fraud and reduce false positives.

Machine Learning

When bad actors develop new technology tactics, our global digital identity network recognizes these changes and quickly adapts to protect against new cyberthreats.

Insights & Resources

Cybercrime Report

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Cybercrime Report

The LexisNexis Risk Solutions® Cybercrime Report (2020) offers the latest information on fraud trends worldwide, and multi-layered prevention strategies to defend against them.
ThreatMetrix for Government

Authenticate Citizen Identities and Assess Risk of Transactions

Break down the data silos to improve data hygiene, protect your agency from cyber and fraud threats, and enhance the digital citizen experience.
LexisNexis Risk Defense Platform

Strengthen Your Defense against Fraud

Discover how a customized, risk-based policy decisioning engine can support your ability to deliver a frictionless onboarding and authentication experience while defending against fraud threats.
LexisNexis Linking and LexID Technology Overview for Government

Link Siloed Data to Gain Actionable Insights

Break down the data silos to improve data hygiene, protect your agency from cyber and fraud threats, and enhance the digital citizen experience.
Data Quality Management

Data Quality Management

Defend your government agency from cybercriminals and protect the experience of legitimate users.
Forrester Wave Report

The Forrester Wave™: Risk-Based Authentication Report

Advancing leading-edge technology helps customers meet fraud prevention challenges

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