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Less friction doesn't have to mean more risk. 

Citizens want the ability to easily access information and government services online. And they want that ability to be omni-channel, giving them the option of using their desktop computer, smartphone, tablet or laptop for their transactions. For government agencies, meeting those requirements is a tall order. How can you confidently verify that the person on the other end of the line is who they claim to be?

Add too many security measures, and you make the account-opening and transaction process tedious. That’s a sure way to anger citizens. You need to verify and authenticate identities in real time, reducing the threat of cybercrime.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions offers a diverse array of products to create customized digital identity management solutions that provide best-in-class protection while allowing citizens to accomplish their objectives online without unnecessary friction.

ThreatMetrix® for Government

Before allowing access to an account or green lighting any high-risk transaction, your government agency must authenticate the citizen’s identity and assess the overall risk of the transaction. You need fast, automated, digital authentication to differentiate a trusted citizen from a cybercriminal, beginning with account origination to every visit and transaction that follows.

ThreatMetrix® for Government provides you with the ability to gather intelligence related to devices, locations, identities and past behaviors across one of the largest crowdsourced global digital networks. It enables you to:

  • Distinguish between trusted and fraudulent behavior
  • Connect online and offline identities across all touchpoints so you always know who’s on the other end of a transaction
  • Protect the integrity of government services by proactively detecting high-risk or unusual digital behavior that signals potential fraud
  • Gain a holistic, singular view of your citizens, preventing operational silos

The contributory database in the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network contains 1.4 billion unique online digital identities from 4.5 billion devices in 185 countries. The Network analyzes over 100 million transactions a day or 36.7 billion transactions a year across 35,000 websites from over 5,000 global companies, giving agencies the exponential strength of the entire Network. 

LexisNexis® Risk Defense Platform

In a recent survey, state and local government agencies were asked about their priorities related to their digital services. The top three answers were:

  1. Maintaining a user-friendly experience
  2. Preventing fraud and abuse in enterprise sites/portals
  3. Keeping pace with evolving technological standards 1

The LexisNexis® Risk Defense Platform satisfies all three criteria, delivering a frictionless onboarding and authentication process for users while defending against ever-changing fraud threats. It streamlines interactions by conducting varying levels of authentication in real time based on the risk level of the transaction. And it encompasses a wide range of fraud analytics, verification and authentication tools to create a fully-compliant customized solution.

Government agencies can set the bar high for security and privacy through the Risk Defense Platform. It equips your agency with unparalleled, actionable, fraud defense intelligence far beyond the data available in your agency. These resources combined with our proprietary technology, give you the ability and agility to respond to fraud, adapt to changing threats, and provide citizens with the seamless, frictionless experience they expect.

LexisNexis® Behavioral Biometrics

For maximum online security, government agencies should use a layered defense to inform risk decisions. Digital identity intelligence is critical. Including behavioral biometrics in the mix provides that additional level of protection.

Whereas physical biometrics encompasses a person’s physical traits, such as fingerprints and facial or iris scans to determine identity, LexisNexis® Behavioral Biometrics measures patterns in human activity such as:

  • Typing speed
  • Navigational patterns
  • Mouse movement
  • Whether a phone is held landscape or portrait

These activities can be markedly different across groups of users and can inform risk-based decisioning. Behavioral Biometrics provides the ability to:

  • Separate bots from human traffic
  • Identify trusted customer profiles
  • Reliably profile fraudsters
  • Detect suspicious behaviors that may indicate fraud

Behavioral Biometrics collects data in the background; it’s imperceptible to users so it causes no friction. Additionally, device interactions are being continuously assessed to further ensure security unlike other identity checks that only take place at login or the beginning of a transaction.

When you combine Behavioral Biometrics with digital identity intelligence, you have a robust layer of defense that better protects your agency from fraud and cybercriminals without creating a negative online experience for your trusted citizens.

LexID® Digital

Cybercriminals are continually getting smarter. The frequency and breadth of data breaches means personal identity information is readily available on the dark web. Cyber-attacks are ever more sophisticated. All of these elements mean old methods of identity assessment aren’t enough to verify a person’s identity with certainty.

A better way forward is to look at the digital DNA of users and their unique online attributes and to unite that online intelligence with offline behavior to create trusted digital identities that fraudsters can’t replicate.

LexID Digital comprises three components:

  1. Unique digital identifier—A tokenized and unique identifier based on global shared intelligence
  2. Confidence score—A score that represents the likelihood a current event is associated with a specific identity
  3. Visualization graph—A Digital ID view and a Relationships view for a better understanding of citizens and their connections

Together these components act as a benchmark for the trustworthiness of current and future transactions.

LexID Digital connects offline data elements with the myriad pieces of information citizens create as they transact online across channels/touchpoints to reliably identify a citizen, even if their devices, locations or behavior change.

LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network®

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions gives government agencies the ability to recognize good, returning citizens by analyzing the complex digital DNA of online transactions including new account applications, logins and payment transactions. It protects billions of unique online accounts using intelligence gathered from approximately 3-billion monthly transactions.

The Digital Identity Network consists of:

  1. Digital identity intelligence—It offers some of the best crowdsourced intelligence from the world’s largest Digital Identity Network including web and mobile device intelligence; true location and behavior analysis; identity and link analysis; and bot and malware threat intelligence.
  2. Dynamic decision platform—To make accurate, timely decisions, the platform uses digital identity intelligence that comprises behavioral analytics; machine learning; workflow and orchestration; and case management.
  3. Smart authentication—It enhances the citizen’s online experience by combining frictionless risk-based authentication (RBA) with low-friction SCA including mobile app security, device binding, multi-factor authentication secure notification, and biometrics.

The result? The Digital Identity Network is effective at distinguishing genuine citizens from fraudsters and bots in real time and throughout their online experience.

Innovative Solutions for Optimum Cybersecurity

Cybercrime is continually evolving as criminals become more sophisticated and find new vulnerabilities to exploit. What worked today may not be adequate tomorrow, leaving your government agency exposed.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions has a full complement of proven, cloud-based solutions that can be deployed rapidly to help you:

  • Make accurate citizen trust decisions in real time
  • Decrease fraud loss
  • Secure your data end-to-end
  •  Adapt to changing fraud trends
  • Provide a positive online experience for citizens

Contact LexisNexis Risk Solutions to learn more about our world-class cyber-security solutions for government agencies.

1Government Business Council-LexisNexis Report “Data Security, Fraud Protection, and the Experience in Digital Government”

Digital Identity Management

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